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Looking forward to the Grand Finale of TechSparks

The date is moving closer and closer: On Friday, May 19th, the Grand Finale of TechSparks 2011 will take place in India – and I will be a part of it! The event, which is organized by YourStory, is the culmination of the nation-wide hunt to find the best product tech companies of India – which means a lot, since the market is literally booming: Just today, two companies raised 150 Million and 40 million dollars of capital.

In addition to the showcase of the top 20 product tech companies and the top 10 apps, the TechSparks Grand Finale will also feature the unveiling of the “Tech30” report, India’s first benchmarking document bringing to the spotlight the 30 product technology startups that India needs to watch out for, with the stamp of approval from VCs and technology giants – I am looking forward to receiving a copy for my further research on the scene. Also, I am really looking forward to „App4India“ – an initiative undertaken by YourStory.in under the TechSparks umbrella to spot and showcase the best mobile/netbook apps being built out of India. Kickstarted this year in partnership with Intel, the App4India segment during the TechSparks grand finale will see the ten most interesting apps being featured and the winning app will be awarded the App4India prize (Rs.50,000). Since India is a strong mobile market, I expect to see great innovations here.

Sponsored by Sequoia Capital, Google, IBM, Amazon Web Services, and National Instruments, this event will definitely be the place to be in August… hope to see you there!

TechSparks: This is my next.

This is my next. My next great adventure. In August, I will be in Bangalore, attending TechSparks, an event dedicated to Indian startups in the IT-scene. Focusing on software products, mobile and value added services, cloud computing and web 2.0, this conference will pull together the best of what is generally called „the new Silicon Valley“. Previously, there have been events in Delhi, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad; the final will take place on 19th August in Bangalore.

The event will be organized by YourStory, a network dedicated to social business, entrepreneurship and tech – you might as well call it the „TechCrunch of India“. Currently, it has roughly 250.000 visitors per month, and the numbers are increasing. For TechSparks, they found various sponsors, mainly big IT companies and Venture Capitalists – the interest of corporations shows the value of YourStory and projects like TechSparks. Their office will definitely be the coolest place on earth for innovative people who are interested in the new world.

Of course, I won’t travel alone: Wolfgang Bergthaler, who has been working with me on indische-wirtschaft.de for 18 months now, is already in Bangalore, working as the COO of YourStory. And Fabian Thobe, serial entrepreneur and one of the coolest people on the planet, will join us as well. Furthermore, I am looking forward to meeting a lot of other great people. And, finally, there is a bigger picture to the whole story… but don’t worry: I’ll tell you later.