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Fighting corruption with bananas

Watch out, world, springtime is here – which also means: lots of BBQ-Parties, finally meeting some friends and – as a result – a lot of crap-talk. Take this one, for example: What if we paid our taxes not in money, but in bananas? Sounds stupid in the beginning; but on second thought, it might be a great way of fighting corruption: One person alone would not be able to commit fraud and eat all the bananas by himself; so he would actually have to share them with his employees… that could be a great solution, just like inviting a beggar to lunch instead of giving him money for booze.

But, on the other hand: Bananas might rot. So, in the end, this is not a revolutionary idea, but just some crap-talk made up by some friends. I promise: The next blog post will be better. Sorry for the inconvenience.