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Sunday is Facebook-day

Yesterday, I spent my evening at home, heavily procrastinating. One of the coolest websites to support you in doing nothing is alexa.com – a website dedicated to ranking other sites in terms of traffic, pageviews etc. Since I realized that the average web user surfs to three standard websites after checking his email – to name them: Google, Facebook and stefanmey.com -, I decided to compare two of them: Google and Facebook.

In terms of reach, Google is still ahead of Facebook:

(Click image to enlarge)

That’s not really surprising, since Google is the preferred search engine for most people. But more interesting, here are the statistics for pageviews (statistics for pageviews per user are similar) and „time spent on the site“:

Three interesting facts here:

#1: Facebook obviously outruns Google when it comes to these two aspects.

# 2: There’s a weird negative correlation. The more clicks and time on Facebook, the less on Google. Is multitasking a myth?

# 3: Facebook has most of its pageviews on sundays. There’s a clear trend here.

Weird additional information: According to internal data of the website mjam.net – a page for ordering food online -, most revenue is also made on sundays. As if you didn’t know: Spending our lonely sundays munching a pizza, stalking people on Facebook and trying to get control of that saturday-evening-related headache is not just an activity limited to Viennese bobos – as statistics show, it’s actually a global phenomenon. Or am I wrong here?

Feel free to leave your comments on this topic: Are you a sunday-evening-Facebook-stalker? Or do you prefer to google yourself on lonely evenings?