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Time for some minor changes

Before moving to India, I proudly announced to the world that this blog will be bilingual – which unfortunately didn’t work out well, since I am a lazy bastard who just doesn’t bother writing articles down in two different languages. So, I actually ended up interviewing different people from non-German-speaking countries (most of all Indians) and writing down their stories – and they unfortunately never had the chance to understand what the whole thing is about.

Then, the pizza-lady from Bombay introduced me to Google Translate, the translation service which is integrated into Google Chrome… I know what you think now. I also had these bad experiences in the late 90s with Babelfish, which totally screwed up my homework and made me get bad marks in school. But time has passed since then, and technology has taken a big leap forward… what the pizza-lady showed me actually made me shiver: Sure, the software made some awkward mistakes, e.g. turned the „pizza-lady“ into my „pizza-wife“, but it also managed to translate complete puns – and most of the texts are actually readable.

So, I sat down and looked for a plug-in that would translate my website in any browser to many languages with just a click. For that reason, you find a button right below my picture to translate this website into your mothertongue:

You will not find perfect results then – but you will at least get a clue of what this site is about. Have fun.

In other news, I have integrated a plug-in called „Twitter Tools“, which actually links this blog to my Twitter-account: If you follow me now on @ysstefan, you will always be informed about new postings on this blog, „Indische Wirtschaft“ and WirtschaftsBlatt. Furthermore, the plug-in will create a list of all my tweets every sunday – so you can find out about my postings, my nutrition and my mood here as well.

Okay, that’s all for now. Hope you guys enjoy reading this stuff as much as I do writing it.