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Damn you, i-ku[be]!

This is an advertorial. Or, well, in fact… it’s not. A good friend of mine offered to lend me his drilling machine – and also help me drill -, if I write about one of his current projects: The i-ku[be].

Remember these dices, where you had to turn different sides in order to match the colors? I actually hated these things, when I was a kid – mainly, because other kids were better in solving the riddle, and I just didn’t have the patience for it. Also, I didn’t own one of these cubes myself, so the only time I had for practicing was at frinds‘ places in front of their eyes – so the situation was quite unfair, since the other kids had far more time to practice.

Now, Richard Nagy, has taken my misery to the next level, by making the whole thing digital and social: The „i-ku[be]“ ca be solved via a website or a facebook-app. That makes you use the office time properly for training your brain cells on the PC instead of wasting time with stupid bookkeeping. And, in addition, there is the social aspect: Every step you take on the cube is actually memorized by the fash-based site, so your friends have to continue where you stopped. In total, the aim of the site seems to be that several friends solve this greatest riddle of mankind together.

I actually totally fucked it up. I turned it a few times, quite likely into the wrong direction, and then left the site again. So, Richard and his friends might actually be angry at me now for disturbing their mindflow. But, you know what? I actually don’t care. Because, finally, I can practice solving the cube without two eyes watching me all the time. Then, one glorious day, I will solve the riddle and celebrate my success by hosting the greatest party of all time – without inviting those stupid kids from elementary school.