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Aye, the captain is back from the dead!!!!

Shiver me timbres, these news make me feel as jolly good as a bottle o‘ rum lying on me front deck during a hot Carribean summer day: Captain Toothbrush is back!

Okay, stop… go back to square one… some of you might not be familiar with my past, so I owe you an explanation: As a kid, I spent quite some time playing a computer game called „Monkey Island„, which featured a story around a clumsy pirate, a beautiful lady and some evil voodoo power (If you don’t know it, download it for your iPad, iPhone or PC… it’s awesome). As I grew up, I forgot about about my pirate attitudes, until my path crossed the one of Captain Toothbrush, a.k.a. Martin Kremecek, in late 2007. Together, with a bunch of several other awesome people, we organized the „Monkey Island Revival Party“ in February 2008: A few hundred visitors, most dressed up as pirates, singing pirate songs, drinking grog, playing crazy pirate games… it probably was one of the best parties I’ve ever been to. Along with that came a lot of weird stuff: Some videos we produced, as well as several blog entries and a social media campaign – in a time when actually only few people in the German-speaking world knew of the existence of Facebook. Aye, sweet memories indeed.

Now, Captain Toothbrush is back. With a whole new adventure. According to the absolutely lovingly designed website, he will be hosting the party on September 17th in Hamburg. It will be wonderful, no doubt: Coconut bowling, insult sword fights and of course loads of grog… unfortunately, I will set sails only two weeks later to a shore far far away; so I will be occupied with loading my ship. But in case anyone of you is around Hamburg then, don’t miss it. It will be the most beautiful piraty experience you’ll ever have.

PS: Did I mention that even my twitter-account is a leftover of my pirate-experiences?