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Feedback to the worst techno song ever

The feedback that I got to my techno song – which was described as „the worst techno song you’ll ever hear“ – was actually not what I had expected. Some people totally hated it, which actually was my original intention. But others gave some positive feedback: Especially those people who play in bands themselves actually enjoyed the rawness and the simplicity of my… erm… let’s just call it „noise“. Others said it could be easily played in some fancy club in Berlin, and nobody would recognize that I’m in fact not a real techno freak, but just a guy who likes to try out different things. One friend even told me that I „totally missed“ my goal – since the music is not awful enough.

Thanks to all of you. Your feedback totally motivates me; since I have realized that I might have met my goal to at least insult a few people – but that it takes much more awful sounds to actually bring the cacophony to a higher scale. I promise, I will try harder – in order to finally piss you all off totally. Yes: Awfulness will prevail.